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Antique Diamonds

History Of Antique Diamond Cuts

antique diamond cuts

The history of antique diamond cuts officially began in the middle ages when diamonds became fashionable in Europe. This diagram illustrates the six most popular antique diamond cuts throughout history. There are others but we will focus on the most popular here. Continue Reading

Vintage Ring Settings

Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

vintage engagement ring settings

Vintage engagement rings come in many styles. Like trends today, ring trends in the past changed and evolved with the fashions of the day. Certain ring styles were ubiquitous during particular eras. But most often the styles didn’t vanish rather they transformed and changed through the ages. As an example the cluster style which as been around for centuries but has had many variations progressing from one era to the next.. Continue Reading

Vintage Jewelry Eras

Victorian Engagement Rings

victorian engagement rings settings

Clockwise: Victorian engagement ring made in silver on yellow gold with an old european cut diamond in a cluster c.1890 | Late Victorian engagement ring made in silver on gold with a .80 carat old european cut diamond, accented with rubies and diamonds c. 1900 | Victorian diamond carved half hoop engagement ring with five old european cut and old mine cut diamonds c. 1870 England | Victorian gold engagement ring made in a classic buttercup setting centered with a .70 carat old mine cut diamond and accented with black enamel c. 1870

1837 – 1901

Without a doubt, the personality of Queen Victoria dominated the style of the era that bears her name. Queen Victoria’s relationship with her husband, Albert, who died in 1861, defined much of the era’s views on marriage, relationships, jewelry, and fashion.

Continue Reading