Vintage Ring Settings

Evolution of the Cluster Setting

Georgian Cluster The cluster was first made popular during the Georgian era in the 18th century. Characterized by a gold band and a setting which usually featured darkened metal. Often the setting has accentuated claws/prongs. Almost always the stones have a foil backing. These settings…  read more

victorian five stone rings
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Victorian Gold Five Stone Rings

The five stone carved half hoop setting was a popular style in the Victorian era. Almost always made in gold and most commonly set with diamonds, emeralds,  sapphires, and/or opals. The setting is elaborately carved with classic Victorian swirls and twirls. Shop our five stone Victorian rings.…  read more

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Gold On Gold

We can’t resist featuring this Victorian artifact made in England circa 1890. We love the rich 18k yellow gold whimsical detail. And why not put more gold on gold. We love it paired with our By Erstwhile Golden Hoop wedding band!…  read more